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 Why it’s the best Online Emoji Keyboard

  • The most advance search – just try it- you will fall in love with it.
  • Emoji Themes-  Choose from: Apple, Google, Twitter, EmojiOne, Messenger, Facebook.
  • Select skin tone                                   
  • On-hover gives you detailed description of the emoji.
  • One click copy function.
  • Works on all Device and OS.

You can request for new stickers or more Animated Hello Stickers / stickers by leaving a comment on individual Animated Smiley page or on our social media pages. HDSmileys – Free source of Emoticons, Emoji, smileys, text art, gifs and more .Now you can handpick your favourite emoji from our latest collection and the icing on the cake it’s all for free. Wow your friends, Let the good times roll! You can use these emoticons on your timeline, in your Facebook chat and in the comments. Here is a WARNING: You are going to fall in love with them so much that it is going to be your new addiction.

Note: If you are seeing boxes instead of emoji, its means your browser or OS 
doesn't support it. You can still copy it and paste on your favourite social media.
It will work on most of the supported site.